You may reach a point in your 20s where staying in on the weekends sounds more appealing than going out and potentially feeling unwell the next day. As a Tampa therapist, I understand there is this stigma out there that your 20s are a time to be young, go out, have fun, and forget your worries- but often, when people DON’T feel like doing that, there might be some FOMO (fear of missing out), or they joke about being a “grandam” for enjoying a cozy night in. 

I do notice, however, that since the pandemic, staying in on the weekends was more normalized because more people were used to staying in. That doesn’t take away from that little pressure society can sometimes hold over us that being young and in your 20s is a time that you should be going out, so “don’t be lame and stay in”. Personally, that pressure has made me feel more anxious about going out, and I end up not enjoying myself.

As a Tampa therapist, I think it important to talk more about the pressures this age group has and how some of this pressure can cause some instability in mental wellness. This is a time when adventure and exploration are encouraged. It is a time when you are trying to figure out your place in the world and maybe what your goals are. It is also a time when it is important to prioritize our mental wellness, and physical and emotional wellness. 

If it’s coming up on the weekend, I personally am most looking forward to relaxing after a long week and weekend errands. As someone who is also in my 20s that sometimes looks like maybe doing my grocery shopping before Sunday, getting all my cleaning and laundry done before the end of the weekend, and just enjoying some time either reading or watching TV. At the end of the day, how I spend my weekends shouldn’t indicate who I am, but I understand that for many of my clients, that silent pressure or questioning from others can make you second guess what is best for you. 

It’s ok to look forward to some alone time to recharge and dive into some self-care. Enjoying some downtime where you can have minimal responsibilities and can truly get prepared for the next week can be a good thing. This isn’t to say that you don’t or won’t don’t enjoy a weekend that is filled with things to do, but finding a balance can really help.

If you feel at any point that you or your friends are isolating themselves, then there might be something else going on, and it would be good to check in on your friends and do a self-check.

I you would like more support on how to find balance or feel anxious at the thought of going out or staying in on the weekends, a Tampa Therapist can help. Contact us today!