You Know You Need A Change, and You’re Ready to Find Support


You’ve been feeling stuck for a long time, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to make any forward progress. After a lifetime of being able to think your way out of any uncomfortable or seemingly unsolvable situation, you are left feeling confused and overwhelmed that things haven’t gotten better. The anxiety you feel seems unbearable and you don’t know how you’re going to fix everything you’re feeling.

You’ve never really felt like you needed anyone else to help you, but now you’re wondering if a Tampa counselor can help.

For the first time since you can remember, you’re truly unsure of your next steps.  Your stress levels are up, and you may have noticed that you’ve been irritable or short with the people in your life.  Your spouse or partner may be complaining that you’ve shut down, and you’re feeling so disconnected from the people who love you.

You’ve noticed you have low motivation and you’re not feeling as driven in your career.  You’ve just been going through the motions, and you’re tired of it.  It’s not who you are.

In our virtual Tampa counselors office, we will help you define your goals and develop a plan to achieve the fulfilling life you have worked so hard to obtain.  We specialize in helping high achievers overcome anxiety and any other areas where they feel stuck.

It used to be easier to balance everything that life had for you.  Your relationships, career requirements, and finances seemed manageable.  But now you’re feeling disconnected, anxious, and uncertain.  You can’t figure out how to navigate all of the challenges you’re experiencing.

Individual Counseling

Realizing that you want to work on yourself? Noticing you’re struggling to stick to pursuing your goals, and not really sure what’s getting in the way? You’re recognizing that you’re not very in touch with your emotions, or aren’t sure how to express them without things getting out of control. A Tampa counselor can help you with tuning in, understanding, and responding to your emotions rather than pushing them down and trudging on in life. We can help you with anxiety, depression, grief, life changes, trauma, difficulty connecting with your emotions…and more.

Couples Counseling

You value high quality relationships, and you’re realizing that you and your partner are really struggling right now. This takes a lot of your attention, and you’re wanting to work on it. You realize that at one point your love was deep, but the busy high achieving lifestyle you live has impacted the time you spend prioritizing your relationship, and it shows. Life gets in the way. Things happen. But you’re ready to do the work to find out how to feel more connected.


Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety has been impacting your work, and your relationsips. You’re realizing the stress of it all is causing you to second guess yourself and you’re even starting to have anxiety attacks which has never happened before. It just seems to come on without any cause and you’re starting to worry people are going to notice, or judge. You’re wanting to conquer this but realize you’re needing some support. Talk to a Tampa anxiety counselor today.


You aren’t sure how you made it through what you went through. The memories bring up sadness, or irritability, or anger, and you don’t really even know if there’s a way to feel any differently but you would like to find some relief. The past tends to creep up when you’re not expecting it. You’ll have a bad memory, or something will get triggered, and the process starts all over again. You’re realizing it’s impacting your relationships and maybe even your every day, and you’d like to get some support in acknowledging it and working through it. A Tampa trauma or EMDR counselor may be able to help.

A Tampa counselor provides compassionate, competent support.

Our work together will help you find a path toward whatever you envision for your life – as well as supply you with any tools you need to get there. You will not be judged for needing help, or for not being “perfect” in an area of your life. In fact, Tampa counseling will help you learn to release the judgment you hold for yourself.

We offer a safe, supportive place for you to expose your hurts and find healing. If you’re experiencing anxiety or stress from your career, relationship difficulties, trauma, or any other change in your life, we can help.

Because of our years of experience in private practice, outpatient, and residential mental health settings, we provide a well-rounded approach. Together we will be able to find the perspective that is most helpful to you as you learn to let go of limiting beliefs, identify and honor your own needs, foster self-acceptance, increase satisfaction in your relationships, and find peace.

Seeing a Tampa counselor can help you solidify and verbalize your vision for your life. It’s time to get out of “stuck” and into movement. Please don’t wait to start your process of healing. Call to set your first appointment today.

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