Your relationship has been struggling lately, and you desire an improvement. You’ve always been the person that’s willing to put in hard work, and that doesn’t just apply to work. You want your relationships and lifestyle to reflect the hard work you put in.

Yet you’re noticing that you’re just not as connected as you once were. You find yourself wanting space, and notice that there’s much more unproductive conflict going on. Or you’re noticing you’ve completely shut down or withdrawn. It’s exhausting.

Our Tampa couples counselors may be able to help.

At the beginning of your relationship you noticed you were great friends. You traveled together, you laughed together, you were in sync. The connection and feelings you had for each other were real, and yet you’re considering seeing a Tampa counselor because you’re recognizing that it’s no longer working. That doesn’t mean it can’t work, you just can’t seem to find out how to get out of the pattern. You would never have thought that you’d be spending time in separate rooms, avoiding each other, or fighting every time you speak. You’ve noticed intimacy is low, and you’re desiring communication and connection but can’t address it without a blowup.

When things started out, you saw a long-lasting love that would go the distance, and now you’re worried about getting through the next couple of years. There was an understanding that work, kids, and life challenges would bring some change, but you had anticipated that it would grow you closer. Now you’re noticing that your high demand job and high achieving lifestyle sometimes creates even more of a gap between the two of you, and you can’t figure out how to come together again.

You knew you would need to figure out how to prioritize your values including your relationship, and you prepared for some difficulty with this, but believed you could make it work, knowing that the sacrifices would be worth it.

You didn’t anticipate that managing successful careers, raising kids, or living a busy lifestyle would create such a strain on your relationship. You’re both stretched thin, and are feeling th3e strain of the demands of work, kids, and the home. You’re realizing that you’re dreading conversations because you know they always lead to you feeling more stressed and more disconnected, and you don’t come out of them with any resolution. The thought of seeking comfort outside of your relationship would never have crossed your mind, but now you both know that being around each other is not bringing the kind of comfort and connection you long for.



You realized it the other day, you planned to have a great date withyour partner, dinner and some time together before going to bed. You really wanted to make it happen. Then you got a call. You had to go to a business meeting. Your gut sank as you texted and let your partner know you wouldn’t make it. Your intentions were there, but you knew they would not let you off the hook. You’re disappointing them. Again.

You try desperately to communicate effectively, but you know you tend to get defensive or remind them of everything they’ve done wrong. You feel like you can’t help it. It feels unfair when they get mad about things you can’t control.

And, you realize that something has to change. Despite your desire to pursue your career, you realize that your relationship is suffering because of all of the unhealthy patterns.

You thought:

“I can’t believe this relationship is so important to me and yet I continue to prioritize other things over it.”

“I thought my work hard play hard attitude was the same as theirs, but I’m realizing it takes intentionality to stay connected.”

“I wish I knew how to communicate without blowing up or shutting down.”

“I want to figure out how to feel connected with my partner.”

You admitted to yourself:

“I want my relationship to be better. I think we need counseling. We could use the help.”


…Neither of you have been making the relationship, dating each other, or romance a priority. Somewhere along the lines it became more like roommates and less like romantic partners

It’s tough to admit that you’ve put your energy into other things like building your career, making friendships, or pursuing your goals. But it’s true. You’ve felt pressure to perform in so many different areas of your life, work, frienships, family, and that meant that you struggled with having the energy to put work in to this relationship that felt solid, but doesn’t any more. You’re realizing that could be because of how busy you’ve been with everything else.

The truth is, healthy connected relationships don’t necessarily require that you give everything that matters to you up. Having goals and passions is part of who you are. It may mean thought that you learn to communicate, set boundaries, and prioritize better.

Finding the right Tampa couples counselor who can understand the demands placed on a busy, ambitious couples is helpful. A counselor can help you to learn to balance your priorities and work to remain connected while communicating in effective ways.

You’re ready to feel loved and connected again in a relationship that feels supportive and meets both of your needs.


Our Tampa couples therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and generally we meet with couples once a week to get started. How long you work with us depends on the couple, what they’re working on in counseling, and their willingness to implement techniques learned.

Our counselors use a variety of approaches to assist you with improving communication and rebuilding connection.

Our founder, Mikela Hallmark is trained in Gottman Method therapy (Level 3). This method is based on 40 years of research, and focuses on assisting couples with utilizing effective communication, building intimacy and trust, and experiencing deeper connection and greater affection. Our counselors work with you to help you explore the barriers that are impacting your ability to communicate effectively and build intimacy, breaking down the walls that keep you feel in stuck, and building more empathy for each other.

Here’s what to expect:


During the initial session, we discuss the therapeutic relationship and the details of the our counseling services, policies, and procedures. Our Tampa couples therapists gather information about you and your partner, your history as a couple, your goals in counseling, and ways you tend to communicate.


During week two we meet with each of you individually to get more insight into your personal histories, roles in relationships you witnessed growing up, personal history dynamics that impact your relationship, and your view of what’s hindering the relationship.

During the remaining sessions we all meet together and begin to work on the things that you as a couple need to work on. This is tailored to your specific needs.

Couples counseling is a process. It takes a commitment, and an investment. It is not a short-term quick fix , and this is for a number of reasons. Research shows that many couples wait 6 years after a problem has started before they seek support in counseling. Six years of issues will take some time to work through. Because of that we like to encourage clients to consider that this is a process. Our Tampa couples counselors work to support you and your partner in improving communication and managing conflict, developing friendship and intimacy, and creating shared meaning and purpose. You’ll learn about replacing ineffective interactions with connecting interactions, and to repair hurt.


Couples Counseling works well for those who are willing to prioritize their relationship. We find that couples who are wiling to change their own behaviors and take steps to date each other and shift communication, tend to experience results more than those who prefer not to do the work of changing. Couples who find success in couples counseling work to understand how each person’s behavior impacts the relationship, and work to implement a plan for improving communication and connection.

You may benefit from Couples Counseling with our Tampa couples therapists if:

  • You and your partner feel overwhelmed with trying to balance obligations and find that your relationship is suffering because of that
  • You and your partner need support in learning how to truly communicate more effectively
  • You are tired of your demanding lifestyle getting in the way of your relationship with your partner
  • You and your partner are willing to identify and shift the ways that you personally interact with the other that brings an unhealthy dynamic
  • You and your partner desire to move forward in life together

There are certain situations in which couples counseling might not be the best fit. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • You or your partner experience instances of domestic violence
  • You do not plan to attend regularly or one partner is not willing to attend
  • One member in the relationship is suffering from severe substance abuse and is not seeking treatment


We do not currently work with insurance companies. Our Tampa Couples Counseling sessions are fee-for-service at the rate of $200 per 50 minute session to see Mikela Hallmark and $175 to see all other team members. We accept all major methods of payment.

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