In today’s world, we have constant access to any number of things that can bring about anxiety or worry.  And these anxiety-provoking situations and headlines are largely out of our control.  Still, the news about climate change or the constant political backbiting can set us on edge.

What can you do when your anxiety seems constantly triggered?

How do you return to a centered state when external events collide with your internal experiences of anxiety?  Our Tampa anxiety counselors understand that it can be hard to find a sense of peace and offer some tips below.  Some of these may be helpful to do with your therapist.

Write a List and Release

List all of the anxieties that you have.  Get them out of your head and onto paper.  Go through and see if there are any worries listed that you can control.  If you find any, make a plan.

For the anxieties that you can’t control, you can try a ritual of release.  Take a few deep, slow breaths.  Imagine that you’re holding a balloon on a string.  That balloon represents one of the anxieties that you can’t control.  Picture yourself walking down a boardwalk, or in a field, or any place that feels calm to you.

As you inhale, look at that balloon.  As you exhale, picture yourself letting go of the string and watching the balloon slowly lift into the air and fade into the distance.  When you let go of the string, say to yourself, “I choose to let go of this worry that I can’t control so I have the energy to focus on what I can.”

Another ritual of release would be writing down the worry onto paper, and then, with intention, ripping or cutting the paper up into tiny pieces.  If neither of these ideas resonate, that’s ok.  A Tampa anxiety counselor can help you find something that will work for you.

Restrict Your Access

With few exceptions, most of the concerns that come across your news feed are sensationalized headlines designed to get your attention and emotionally activate you.  There would be few, if any, negative consequences if you were unaware of many of those stories.

Give yourself permission to disengage from news apps and TV reports.  Or if that feels too extreme, consider allowing yourself a set amount of time to take in that information, and then follow that up with positive activity of some sort.  This could be a few minutes reading affirmations, or doing meditation, or centering spiritually.

Get Active

 Maybe there is a topic that brings you distress because you feel like you should be helping to change a societal issue, but you don’t know where to start.  Set aside time to reflect with yourself or someone else on why that issue is important to you and then look for small ways to contribute.  Often, we experience anxiety when our actions don’t align with our values.  Volunteering for a cause can help alleviate the powerlessness that you may feel.

Host a Retreat

It’s important to pour back in to yourself.  Hosting a retreat for yourself or a small group may be just the thing that’s needed to help you regain your sense of peace.  It doesn’t have to be a big house in lush scenery…but it could be.  Maybe it looks like a day and a half of meeting at someone’s home, watching motivational Ted Talks or breathing together.  You could work in mindful neighborhood walks or doing a free yoga video on YouTube.  The possibilities are countless.

Finding your sense of peace in the midst of constant information about unsettling things can feel unmanageable.  Our Tampa anxiety counselors know, however, that connecting with your calm is possible.  We are here to help in any way that you need.  Please reach out today.