When you’re considering meeting with a Tampa counselor, you might feel some nervousness or uncertainty.  This can be amplified if a) You’ve never been in therapy and don’t know what to expect, or b) You’ve been in therapy and now you’re dreading having to start over with someone new.

Wherever you are at with your counseling history, rest assured that our Tampa counselors are here to meet you where you are and support you as you work on what’s important to you.  Because we understand that beginning counseling can be kind of scary, we want to share what to expect with Tampa counseling.


 First and foremost, your time in the counseling space will be completely confidential, with a few exceptions relating to safety.  Your counselor will explain these exceptions to you, and they will be in your paperwork for your review.  You are welcome to voice any questions or concerns you might have at any time.

Confidentiality is the bedrock and cornerstone of our ethical practice, and we take it seriously.  So, we want to stress that nothing you say will ever leave the room.

Tampa Counseling Tailored to You

People are not the same across the board, so there’s no “one size fits all” approach.  After talking with you to get to know what you are wanting help with, your counselor will suggest goals based on what they’re hearing from you. They will also include ideas they have about how you can meet those goals together.

However, if something doesn’t sound right or accurate to you, you have total “veto power.” Counseling won’t be effective if it isn’t relevant to the goals you have for yourself.  You have the right to accept or reject any ideas that the therapist presents.

There Is No Expected Timeline

Your therapist will not force or coerce you into talking about anything before you’re ready.  Again, you will be in control of how much or how little you say.

You Will Need To Work Outside of Therapy

 Most of the change that takes place will be due to what happens outside the therapy hour.  Your Tampa therapist will help equip you with tools and increased insight, but they will only be helpful if you practice them outside session.  Think of the new skills as muscles: You have to use them consistency for them to be at peak performance.  Your success in counseling will be directly related to what you are willing to invest.

No Judgment

 Your therapist will hard to not ever judge you.  It is not our place to judge anyone; no one has ever been shamed into change.  Your therapist is on your side.  They may challenge you from time to time, but that challenging is necessary for growth.  Your autonomy is always respected.

Starting Tampa counseling can be nerve-wracking, but it can also yield high rewards.  If you have more questions about the counseling process, feel free to call and ask.  We honor you and your willingness to explore change.  We are here to support you.  Reach out today.