You’ve just started warming up to the idea that you may need some help navigating your life at this moment. Maybe you’re noticing a little more nervousness when you have to present at work, or you’re feeling more stressed out than usual while working on a project.  Things have been feeling “off” for a while and you’re wondering if a Tampa counselor might be able to help.

Looking for a therapist can feel overwhelming.  You’re trusting someone you’ve never met with some of the most intimate thoughts and experiences of your life.  You also might be wondering how you will know that anything is improving.

Our Tampa therapists know that starting out can be hard, and have put together some tips to help break down the process of finding the best Tampa therapy for you.

Check Your Resources

Do you have insurance you’re wanting to use, or are you paying out of pocket?  If using insurance, you’ll need to find out who is in network with your insurance company.  You’ll also want to ask them what your copay is, if there is a cap on number of sessions you can have, and if they require preauthorization for services. Because we are still in a pandemic, you’ll also want to check if your insurance is covering telehealth sessions.

If you’re paying out of pocket, you’ll need to determine what you can invest for weekly meetings.  There are typically excellent options for every budget.

Talk to the Tampa Counselor

Many Tampa counselors offer a phone consultation to answer your questions and get more information about you before setting an appointment.  This is a good time for you to ask them:

  • How they approach therapy
  • How they work with your particular issue
  • If they have experience working with your concern
  • How they help you set and work toward goals

You deserve a skilled counselor who knows how to help you.

These consultations are also an opportunity for you to see if the therapist feels like a good personality fit for you.  The greatest agent of change inside the therapy room is the relationship you have with the therapist. And if you don’t feel like it’s a good fit, you have every right to end the relationship and look for someone else.

Commit to the Process

In order to know if you have found good Tampa therapy, you have to prioritize going regularly.  The bulk of your progress will be made outside session.  This means setting time aside to practice, do homework, or enlisting a support system to help keep you accountable to what you’re working on.

This also helps your Tampa counselor know what is helpful and what isn’t helpful to you.

Starting therapy can be exciting, scary, vulnerable, overwhelming, and liberating.  If you have situations that you need help working through, please reach out to a Tampa therapist today.