For some people, the idea of vacation brings thoughts of tension relief, adventure, relaxation, and renewal.  People enjoy the thought of vacation so much that they plan for it, sometimes even working extra jobs to pay for it.  It is frequently thought of as a beneficial activity.

However, some people feel anxious while thinking about vacation.  Some of the common vacation worries that our Tampa anxiety counselors have heard include:

  • Safety
  • Getting behind on work
  • Losing out on income
  • Spending the money required for the vacation
  • Being “trapped” with your fellow travelers, especially if you have a tense relationship
  • Traveling itself
  • Getting back in time for work
  • Worrying that something terrible will happen and you won’t be there
  • Worrying that you’ll let your guard down and relax but then something terrible will happen that will throw you off balance

If any of these are resonating with you, you are not alone.  You might even have concerns that aren’t on this list.  Our Tampa anxiety counselors can help you meet your goal of learning to relax and appreciate downtime.  Some of the strategies used are listed below, so you can get an idea of what to expect from therapy.

Identify Negative Beliefs

Our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us impact how we experience life.  Many times, we develop negative beliefs based on our experiences with others or on what others have told us. For example: If your mother worked all the time and spoke disdainfully about vacation, calling people who go on vacation “lazy” or “worthless,” then you might feel negatively about vacation or people who go on vacation.

The idea of you going on vacation may then bring anxiety because you fear you will be labeled as “lazy” or “worthless.” Exploring your thoughts and beliefs about vacation may help you make peace with conflicts that you didn’t know you were carrying.

Redefine Vacation

 Perhaps your anxieties about vacation lie with what it’ll cost you- financially and/or emotionally.  In therapy, you can determine for yourself what your actual vacation needs are and how to model time off around what you can do.

You might think of vacation as an extravagant trip to Disney World, but know that it’s not realistic for your resources.  Rather than ruminating about how to make that happen for your family (which can cause more stress and anxiety), you can creatively structure time off to do things in the spirit of Disney.  For example, you can declare a Neverland Day where the kids decide activities and meals and parents’ outfits.

Of course, this works with other types of vacations too.  Therapy can help you learn to work with your reality to create something that is fulfilling and within your available resources.

Identify What You Need

 Sometimes we get anxious because we haven’t figured out what we need.  Or maybe what you need for vacation is completely different than what someone else wants and you feel anxious about asserting your needs.  Although compromise is necessary in relationships, it’s ok to say that you don’t want to go on vacation with that family member or that you need time alone.

When we don’t know what our needs are, they keep getting violated and ignored. It can be helpful to discover what vacation means to you and what you need it to fulfill.

Whatever your vacation anxiety, rest assured that we are here to help.  Our Tampa anxiety counselors want to come alongside you to help explore any thoughts or beliefs holding you back from much needed time to rest.  Please reach out today.